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Maintracks Failure Tracking Software and Mobile Application

Reporting your faults is at your fingertips

Maintracks is an online fault tracking system that facilitates the detection of malfunctions in your business and you can learn the budget you have spent for malfunction and maintenance with a single click.

What and where are the malfunctions? Where does the malfunction occur most often? What are the materials used in the malfunction? What is your stock status? What is your cost report?

Thanks to Maintracks, which is compatible with all devices, it is possible to access this information easily from your computer and smart devices at any time.

Stop the malfunction plugs.

Failure slips can be lost or a burden for you to store. With Maintracks, you can instantly enter the system and the photo of the fault and inform the relevant people.

Easy job tracking.

Thanks to Maintracks, you can easily follow your work flow on one screen at any time. While using unique features, you can observe the performance of your employees.

Track your stocks.

With Maintracks, you can manage your instant stocks by monitoring your stock values and levels to the finest detail. A material used for failure automatically drops from stock.

Create routine checks.

Using Maintracks, you can define scheduled tasks and routine controls to the system and control your realization status. In this way, you will not encounter surprise failures.


All kinds of fault reports and statistics are now at your fingertips

Get location, unit and department based reports.

With Maintracks, you can get many statistics. The fault location report helps you identify the places where the fault occurred most. Unit-based reports, on the other hand, allow you to statistically track them by classifying them according to the units in which malfunctions occur, while in section-based reports, you can examine the categories you encounter the most.

View your total faults.

You can view the total of all the signatures created by your teams via your Maintracks account in graphs by day and month. In this way, you can easily examine how many failures you encounter at certain time intervals.

Create product and cost reports.

Whenever and wherever you are, the most malfunctioning products on Maintracks have a cost for you. You can examine these products and their costs with graphics. You can find analyzes such as "the most used product in the failure solutions, the most costly products".

See your employees' performance.

You can view the performance of your employees with statistics. You can see the data such as the person who creates the most malfunction and the person who solves the most malfunction thanks to Maintracks.


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